You Can Afford To Vacation In A Mansion For Cheap, Assuming That You Have The People To Fill it


We’ve all tried to vacation on a budget. Super cheap flights, off season travel, shared hotel rooms with 12 other people. By the end, you’re looking forward to your own bed. Sleeping in a bathtub for $20 a night sucks no matter how you look at it. That’s not how a vacation should go. The super cheap flights, we still swear by. The super cramped discount hotel rooms? Not so much. Trying to squeeze a handful of your best friends into a skeevy hotel is about as fun as you’d imagine.

We’re here to show you a better way. Assuming you can turn your 12 friends into 40, we have a much better answer than hotel room floors. Mansions are surprisingly affordable. Not the Beyonce $10,000 kind of mansions, that thing only had five bedrooms. We’re talking heated indoor swimming pool, 40 to 60 bedroom, private screening room, mansions. Like $40 to $80 a person kind of affordable. Most of these places can be seen on, but Airbnb is not without its promisingly lavish prospects.

Take this place for example:

Nestled in the hills of Auvergne, France, it features a heated pool, tennis courts, fitness room, spa, putting green, driving range, relaxation areas, bar, terraces, and to top it all off, twenty six lovely air conditioned bedrooms and suites. On average, it goes for $1,953 a night, which seems hefty. But, when you put two of your friends in each one of those bedrooms, you’re looking at a price tag of $37.55 per person.

Forget that beach house you rented after prom. Start making some calls and let’s plan a weekend getaway. Considering the whole two degrees of separation thing…we’re all looking forward to your call.