My Kinda Town: Chad Daniels Tells Us What To See In Fergus Falls, MN

Jeremy Patrick

Comedian Chad Daniels is a dad. It’s a fact that he doesn’t let you forget because often his jokes are about being a dad. But while the words “dad” and “comedian” sound like a recipe for cringe, Chad Daniels doesn’t tell “dad jokes.” Sure, the comedian spends ample time in his sets talking about his kids, but he also touches on the need for teenagers to “tape their dicks down” and openly wonders if he’d really push his children out of the way from a falling piano if it meant a painful death for himself.

You know, universal stuff! Relatable!

We asked Daniels to fill us in on his favorite city in America and he chose… *checks notes* … Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Fergus Falls is Chad’s hometown — population of under 15,000 — and frankly the chances you’ll find yourself there are slim. If you do, who better than to trust to share the best the small town has to offer than a local-boy-made-good? A man who wouldn’t even push his own child out of the way of a falling piano. Clearly, that’s a man who understands the important things in life.

Be sure to check out Chad Daniels on his New Hip Tour which runs from mid-June until the end of the year, or give his podcast, Middle of Somewhere a listen here.

Where is the best place in Fergus Falls to grab a late night snack?

Mabel Murphy’s

Mabel Murphy’s has been a staple in the community since I can remember. A lot of old woodwork inside. Very cool atmosphere. They have chicken wings tossed in a plum sauce on the appetizer list that I love! On reflection… it may actually be the only place to get a late night snack. But I’d still pick it if it wasn’t.

Where is the best place to grab a drink?

My friend’s garage. He’s turned it into quite the hotspot. He has everything a bar has and more. Plus, his wife (also my friend) doesn’t allow people to take pictures or videos inside the garage so you don’t have to worry about one of you jackass rants being on social media the next day. In the summer I bring over a strawberry-rhubarb simple syrup for margaritas. Plus, we shake dice and have giant sing-alongs.

Where can you cure a hangover?

Viking Cafe

Viking Cafe. Owned and operated by the Shol family since before I was born. It has the best breakfast period. Hungover or sober because the judge said so, you’ll love it. The sausage patties are the best I’ve ever tasted. Don’t worry when you see a little pink in the middle. It’s cooked. It’s the amazing spices that give it the tint.

Where do you get your coffee fix?

Cafe 116

The Stumbo family takes a lot of pride in roasting those beans. Their sandwiches are killer, too. And the new artisan ice cream Chelsea makes will make it hard to buy anything at a store ever again. They keep an old piano right outside the front door so people walking by can stop and show you whether or not lessons paid off.

What is your favorite memory of Fergus Falls?

The Grotto Lake Otter

There’s a giant otter whose head is 20 feet high by Grotto Lake which is a lake in town that has a park and a baseball diamond near it. When I was five years old I skipped kindergarten, walked there and climbed onto the otter with four other hooligans. We got in a lot of trouble, but when we were on that otter is the most carefree day any of us has ever had. I’m 44 and I still smile every time I drive by that thing.

What is a stereotype about Fergus Falls that isn’t true?

The Politics

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Poor buffalo has a broken horn :(

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It was recently in the news for being filled with Trump supporters. A German journalist came here and made up a bunch of shit. He actually lost his job over it. He said there was a sign at the edge of town that says, “Welcome to Fergus Falls, MN. Home of damn good folks”. He also wrote that the high school had Trump posters up all over the hallway. He even added there was a sign outside of town that read, “Mexicans stay out. Mexicans stay away.”

None of those things are true.

Now, there are people here that voted for Trump, no doubt, but it’s not as bad as he made it seem. I used to have to vote at a gun range. The only car in the parking lot belonged to me. The rest were trucks. A farmer in overalls held out a bowl of candy and offered me a piece when I was done voting. He told me he brought it for everyone. I told him that was socialism. He said, “If ya got it, share it.”

That might make a nice sign…

What was your first impression of Fergus Falls and how has it changed?


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I remember it was cold. I was naked. Someone cut off part of my dick. It was the day I was born. It’s still cold here a lot and I do enjoy getting naked, but I don’t cry as much. Even though I never did get that part of my dick back.

Favorite local legend to hang with?

Tim Lill (not pictured)

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Shot luge. See you in the morning.

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Tim Lill. Head coach of the girl’s high school hockey team. Led them to state last year. Ended up getting named Coach of the Year for the entire state. Around here that means something.

Best place to grab a slice in Fergus Falls?

Union Pizza and Brewing Co.

Union Pizza. Cooked in a wood stove. Craft beer from local brewers and a cheese plate that’s one of the fanciest things I’ve ever seen. Live music. Themed trivia. One of the owners is also the mayor and you may have seen him on major news outlets discussing the disgraced German journalist.

Describe Fergus Falls in one sentence.

Yes, you’ll leave, but you’ll be back.