Wikipedia’s Top 50 Articles Reveal What Captivated The Masses In 2017

01.04.18 2 years ago 3 Comments


The letters “WTF” sum up 2017 perfectly. All we know is a whole lot happened, but we’re not quite sure what. Don’t get us wrong, there were some wonderful moments, but there was also a whole lot of confusion. A pinch of madness. A dash of mania. We were introduced to new people and concepts and we needed somewhere to turn to explain everything in terms we could understand.

Enter Wikipedia. In 2017 the free encyclopedia endured as the most logical place to get answers (Quantcast has it as the #5 most trafficked site on earth). So it’s only fitting that, as 2018 starts to bring its own weirdness to the table, the Wiki squad compiled a list of the top 50 english articles sought out in the year gone by.

Topping the list with over 37 million views is “Deaths in 2017” followed by “Donald Trump” with some 29 million hits, and Elizabeth II coming in at more than 19 million. The top three article searches are not surprising, as death, in general, Trump’s daily life, and the Queen’s obvious access to the fountain of youth are areas of constant intrigue. The list goes on to include the newest almost-member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle and other television stars like herself, as well as television and Netflix shows, business ventures like bitcoin, and a ton of movies, movie stars, and moguls.


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