Adam Driver Details How Kylo Ren Will Be Different In ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

Adam Driver will be reprising his role as that emo little Sith Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode VIII. In an interview with Larry King, Driver opened up a bit about the the upcoming film, perhaps because he feels comfortable talking to someone who resembles Snoke.

According to Driver, his character (whatever name you choose to call him — I prefer “space edgelord“) will be showing more humanity is Episode VIII. This is a character who stores his enemies’ ashes in a litter box, so any humanity at all will be a stretch (and make for good jokes).

When asked by Larry King, “What’s one aspect about Kylo Ren you’re excited for fans to see in the next film?” Driver answered:

“I think — maybe this is such a general answer but you know — humanity. Even though it’s very much a blockbuster movie, there was no taking that for granted and that we were forced to be general. There was a lot of plot points that we knew were operating in the first one, that we get to explain more in the second one, to make both of them make sense. But they do kind of feel socially active to me, and George Lucas originally — a lot of Star Wars was in response to Vietnam and a lot of what I remember talking about with JJ and Rian was this idea of terrorism, and two sides being morally justified to behave however they wanted to to get whatever they thought was absolutely correct.”

You can watch the interview on video over here. You don’t have to look at it if you don’t think it’s cool.

(Via ONTD, Ora TV, and dauntlesssubconscious)