Albert Brooks Fans Just Lost Their Weekend Thanks To Netflix

In a nice bit of (probably unintentional) synergy with the recently released Finding Dory, in which he voices papa Clownfish “Marlin”, Netflix announced that they will be adding many of the films that Albert Brooks has written or directed to the service on Friday, July 1st. The surprise announcement – the streaming service usually releases flashy new additions to their stable with more advance notice – is perfect timing for anyone ready to spend their time chilling on the couch this weekend instead of getting sunburnt and watching fireworks go off for the 4th of July.

While Netflix isn’t adding every iconic Brooks movie right now (Broadcast News, for example) all of his efforts as a writer and director will be available to stream to your heart’s desire.

 According to a Variety report, the seven announced titles include Modern Romance, Defending Your Life, and Mother. The collection also offers some of Brooks’ underrated films such as Looking for Comedy in a Muslim World and The Muse. Younger generations might not be able to endlessly quote Brooks movies like older fans can, so their presence on streaming is a great opportunity for more people to become familiar with his work.

Anybody up for a day-long Albert Brooks-a-thon? If watching too many of them in a row gets you down, you can always go to the local cinema and get perked up a bit with his performance in Finding Dory. Just kidding, that will probably make you sob too.

(via Variety)