We Now Have Our First Look At ‘Alien Covenant’ And Another Sneak Peek At The Delayed ‘Alien 5’

Nothing is too revealing with this first look at Alien: Covenant, but it is proof that this film exists and it is in production. It does let us know that Weyland-Yutani has their hands in the mess yet again, this time sending the Covenant out into space to start a colony and “build better worlds.”

We’ll likely see Danny McBride and Billy Crudup sporting these duds in the film, at least until something shows up to tear them off and get to juicy innards. You have to fully expect this will be a bloodbath to counter the criticism Prometheus received.

Ridley Scott is taking on the Alien franchise for the time being, with Covenant hitting theaters in August 2017 and more to follow. But don’t think he’s the only director with things to share about Alien. It was Alien Day after all and Neill Blomkamp decided to celebrate by sharing a little concept art for Newt from his delayed — but still very much alive — sequel to Aliens.

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Knowing what the character has been through, a continuation of her story and possibly taking the torch from Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley would be great. It’s hard to get out of Ellen Ripley’s shadow in this series of films, even though Noomi Rapace did a fine job in Prometheus.

We’ll have to see if it ever sees the light of day, but every little bit we’ve seen about the movie seems great.

(Via Facebook / Slash Film / Neill Blomkamp)