No, Andrew Garfield Isn’t Retiring, He’s Literally Just Going On Vacation

One of the many Spider-men, Andrew Garfield, recently made waves amongst his fans as he said he would be taking a “rest.” As it goes with most comic book superhero fans, some people took this too far, assuming he was quitting the industry altogether and retiring to a farm or something. As it turns out, he’s just on vacation.

While on The View, Garfield made fun of the idea that he was quitting. “Yeah I’m retiring officially,” he said seriously. “No, I’m done. I have enough money just to live in a camper van for the rest of my life and I’m done.” He eventually laughed at the notion before admitting he had no idea why so many fans burst into a collective panic over a break. “No, no, I mean, I don’t know where that came from,” he laughed. “I’m just having a holiday.”

A much-deserved holiday for the guy who was in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tick Tick BOOM!, The Eyes Of Tammy Faye, and just starred in the FX’s gritty true crime mini-series Under The Banner Of Heaven, all within a year. So yeah…he should take a break.

“I’ve been working hard, and I’ve been loving the work I’ve been doing, but also, you know, I need to take a month or so,” Garfield added. While we might not see him in the Spidey suit anytime soon, he will grace our screens once again, after he takes a long nap.