Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Turned Down ‘The Predator’ Over His Place In The Script

As the endless procession of Terminator movies have shown, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t shy about sequels, reboots and the like. It certainly didn’t seem out of the question to imagine Schwarzenegger might pop up in Shane Black’s franchise refresh The Predator. According to the original motion picture’s star attraction, he was game to return, but he wasn’t interested in what the film’s script had for him.

*trips on a pile of Jingle All The Way tapes while getting to the next paragraph*

Speaking with Yahoo Movies, Schwarzenegger shared that he had been offered a spot in the new movie. Said spot was clearly not Schwarzenegger’s cup of tea. He’s open to a changed script, though.

They asked me, and I read it, and I didn’t like it — whatever they offered. So I’m not going to do that, no. Except if there’s a chance that they rewrite it, or make it a more significant role. But the way it is now, no, I won’t do that.

The writing critique is something worth unpacking or at last having an extended ramble about when drinking. Shane Black, who appeared in the first movie strictly as an actor, has a number of excellent credits under his belt like Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys under his filmmaking belt. As for the film Black wrote that Schwarzenegger starred in, Last Action Hero (a.k.a. Magic Ticket My Ass, McBain), the results weren’t so swell.

Schwarzenegger appearing in The Predator seems unlikely, but you bet your sweet f*cking ass he’s getting ready for Triplets.

Danny and I always ran around with the idea of Triplets, and that Eddie Murphy should be the triplet, because he is so different than we are — as much as Danny was different from me. When you saw Danny and I together, and you said that only the mother could tell us apart, people laughed. You didn’t really have to say much else. The same is also true with the idea of having Eddie Murphy be a part of the new picture. It’s called Triplets, and people go, wait a minute, how did this black guy get into the picture here? The way it’s explained in the movie is really funny — what happened with that experiment, and how many people’s sperm were used, and the things we didn’t know and only find out about when our mother passes away.

So Danny and Eddie Murphy and I — we believed in it 100%. And then Ivan believed in it 100%. So they’re writing it, and now everyone is enthusiastic about it. It will probably be done in the next month or two, and then hopefully we shoot it by this fall. It’s really exciting.

Let’s steady ourselves, accordingly.

(Via Yahoo Movies)