Aya Cash Is Tossing Her Hat Into The MCU ‘X-Men’ Ring, Including A Gender-Flipped Role Choice

As the second season of The Boys heads into its final episode, Aya Cash wouldn’t mind a shot at playing another superhero. Only this time around, it’d be for the considerably less raunchy Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is gearing up to add the X-Men to the mix following Disney’s multi-billion dollar purchase of Fox.

When asked during an interview if she’d be open to joining the X-Men if the MCU called her up, Cash revealed that she grew up on the team of mutants and would love to be “a part of that world.” As for which character she’d like to play, Cash initially showed a preference for Jean Grey before floating an unexpected role choice. Via ScreenGeek:

I mean, my favorite character in all of the X-Men universe was always Beast. So, if we’re going to do gender swap – no, they would kill me. I don’t even want to do a gender swap.

Interestingly, Cash has already pulled off a successful gender-swap after being cast as Stormfront on The Boys, so that might explain why she walked back her reluctance and included Beast in her final answer for which X-Men characters she’d be open to playing. (Her other choice was Rogue, another hat tip towards Cash growing up on the classic animated series.)

Cash’s casting choice also isn’t the first time the X-Men have popped up in the context of The Boys. Just this week, showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that the upcoming spinoff of the Amazon Prime series will pull heavily from the G-Men storyline in the comics. Much like The Seven satirizes the Justice League, the G-Men are a direct parody of the X-Men and its school for gifted youngsters.

(Via ScreenGeek)