Uh-Oh? Batman Has A Huge Crush On Batgirl In ‘The LEGO Batman’ Movie

I’m a big fan of LEGO Batman from The LEGO Movie. He was everything a kid might think the Batman is, based off his persona from the last decade of so. But blended with enough of Will Arnett’s dry humor he became the breakout star of what could’ve been the most graceless cash grab merchandise film ever. Right now, it looks like The Emoji Movie will take that title instead while LEGO Batman will enjoy an funny spin-off that will continue to poke fun at how dark the Dark Knight has become. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, I’ll wait while you do because it is a national treasure.

I’m not a big fan of Batman stories that forget he’s a mentor to Batgirl instead of her hook-up, as in an extended sequence in last year’s animated The Killing Joke. So that should raise a conundrum for me with this latest TV spot that highlights Batman’s huge crush on Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson). But it doesn’t.

First off, Barbara Gordon is obviously an adult woman in The LEGO Batman Movie since she’s in charge of the police department. Second, she’s clearly not interested in picking up whatever Batman is putting down. Third, and most importantly for this particular iteration of the Bat-verse, the LEGO franchise is meta, a movie told from inside the perspective of a child’s mind. At least, the first film was and there’s no reason to think the spin-off isn’t as well. And kids will hook up their toys in ways that have no regard for things like species (April O’Neil hooking up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), or incest (He-Man and She-Ra dated in many a household). Besides, it’s better than seeing what a child’s mind would make of Batman and Catwoman constantly having sex on roofs while it rains.