Did You Spot This Sneaky ‘Batman V Superman’ Easter Egg? Because Superman Didn’t

It’s been six months since Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice garnered mixed reviews and precipitously dropping box office grosses, leading to some potential shake-ups behind the scenes, but fans are still discovering new Easter eggs to obsess over, all the same. Just recently someone spotted a Joe Shuster reference, and now the film’s still photographer Clay Enos has confirmed another little detail you may not have noticed.

The newest Easter egg provides an answer to some viewer complaints about the scene where Batman shoots a kryptonite gas-filled explosive projectile at Superman:

Which weakens him enough to put the fight on a more level playing field.

An obvious persnickety argument one could make is, why didn’t Superman see what was in the projectile and know to avoid catching it? The answer, as confirmed by Enos, was that Batman played on Superman’s weaknesses by lining the canister with lead. An eagle-eyed viewer spotted the “Pb” markings (the abbreviation for lead on the Periodic Table Of Elements) etched into the canisters:

Clay Enos confirmed this was intentional on director Zack Snyder’s part:

Just as Superman didn’t see the bomb in Scoot McNairy‘s wheelchair due to its lead interior lining, he didn’t know what was in Batman’s projectiles. Although we’re not sure how both Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne learned about the limitations to Superman’s vision. Not that we’re begging for another edition with an extra 30 minutes just to explain how they figured it out. We’re good.

Anyway, knowing that “nothing happens by accident in Zack’s movies” just confirms that one Phantom Zone scene from Man Of Steel was exactly what we thought.

Mr. Snyder, you saucy minx.

(Via Screen Rant and Clay Enos)