Bill Skarsgård Did Not Have To Try Too Hard To Be Creepy As Pennywise In ‘It’

The new version of Stephen King’s classic story It could be an improvement to the original adaptation starring Tim Curry, but it is definitely a box office hit. The film took in over $100 million in its first weekend and part of that success has to be due to its version of the terrifying Pennywise The Clown. While Curry delivered a classic performance, Bill Skarsgård has come in to fill some difficult shoes and brought his own flourishes to the role.

As it turns out, Skarsgård actually came to the audition prepared to bring the clown to life. Not only was in clown makeup — while wearing his normal civilian clothes, of course — but he had a certain facial talent he picked up from his older brother that created one of Pennywise’s creepier features in the film.

Skarsgård’s creepy smile actually comes from his childhood and something he used to scare his siblings, not as a clown but as a character called Jürgen. He’d pull his t-shirt up over his head, sort of like you’d see on Beavis And Butthead, make the face, and then chase around his little brother. It’s nice to know that families all around the world feature sibling rivalries, but that is the type of thing that can scar a kid for life. It’s the kind of face you see you will see in your nightmares.

The smile is far from the creepiest thing that the new Pennywise has to offer on the big screen. While the scares might not be the same for everybody, the execution and look on screen are memorable. If anything, we can’t wait to see Skarsgård return in the sequel.

(Via Team Coco)