The First ‘Black Adam’ Reactions Love The Rock Being A ‘Badass’ Who ‘Didn’t Pull Back’ On The DC Comics Antihero

The first reactions to Black Adam are rolling in, and the critics sure seem to be smelling what The Rock is cooking. The film introduces the world to the DC Comics character who’s been a long-running foil to Shazam and has the strength to go toe-to-toe with Superman. In fact, Black Adam was originally supposed to be introduced in a film that would provide the origin stories for both hero and villain, but The Rock personally called up Warner Bros. studios and said nope, Black Adam deserves his own film. That decision looks to have paid off as the reactions are overwhelmingly positive for the antihero tale that apparently lets The Rock really cut loose.

Here’s what critics are saying after experiencing Black Adam for the first time:

“@TheRock is fantastic as Black Adam,” Steven Weintraub tweeted. “He spent 10 years getting ready for this role and he literally kills anyone and everyone in his way and I loved that he didn’t pull back on who Black Adam is. Left the theater wanting to see the sequel immediately.”

“@TheRock is terrific in #BlackAdam, which includes a hearty amount of real world touchstones (most affecting is it reinforces the need for heroes in bleak times),” Courtney Howard wrote. “Director Juame Collet-Serra lays out building blocks for a larger, grand universe. Action is lively & BIG in scale.”

“DC’s #BlackAdam ROCKS! Tons of action, characters you’re instantly invested in & terrific pacing,” Erik Davis tweeted. “Dwayne Johnson finds a great balance in being menacing & badass, but also empathetic. Especially loved Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman & Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate. More JSA movies please!”

“#BlackAdam is a worthy new piece of the DC puzzle, but not the savior it promised,” Germain Lussier wrote. “A surprising compressed timeline keeps the action exciting & pace propulsive, but also turns its many (many) themes, plots, & characters into fancy window dressing. It’s messy in a watchable way.”

You can see more Black Adam reactions below:

Black Adam arrives in theaters on October 21.