A Fan Favorite Actor From ‘Black Panther’ Wants His Character To Be The Villain In ‘Black Panther 2’

Despite being officially confirmed and writer/director Ryan Coogler slated to return, Black Panther 2 is still a long ways off. In fact, by the time the sequel hits theater in May 2022, it will be four years since the first film became a cultural juggernaut in the run-up to Avengers: Infinity War. In other words, details are scarce while Marvel hunkers down to ensure the next adventure in Wakanda is just as groundbreaking as the first. But that hasn’t stopped some of the actors from offering up suggestions.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Winston Duke floated the idea that his character M’Baku would be a worthy villain for the second film. Granted, M’Baku and Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa reached a temporary alliance by the end of Black Panther, that doesn’t mean tensions between them have come to an end.

[M’Baku] is a hero, but he has so much going on. I think what makes a really great villain is that they have the power of seeing things their own way, and they can define their own circumstances.

And that’s what’s really cool about all the MCU villains so far as well. Loki always sees things his own way, and he chooses when he’s going to be an ally or an antagonist. Thanos always had the power of self-definition. That’s his greatest strength. It wasn’t the rings, it wasn’t his superpower or the fighting. It’s that he made his mind up and said, “This is how I define justice.” Because he wasn’t a bad guy; he’s just a dude who was seeking ultimate justice and balance. That’s not bad. But he defined it himself, and all the really great villains that Marvel interrogates always have that ability, so they can go anywhere.

Duke has an excellent point. Characters alternating between good and evil has become a staple in the MCU, and the best villains have motivations that challenge not just the heroes, but the audiences themselves. The biggest obstacle to Duke’s pitch, however, is the formidable foe of fan expectations. Marvel fans are eagerly hoping the second film will feature a showdown between the Black Panther and Namor, the Submariner in an epic battle between Wakanda and an invading aquatic army. For them, a battle with M’Baku simply won’t do.

(Via Screen Rant)