Scare Yourself Silly With The New Extended Trailer For ‘Blair Witch’

Opinions tend to vary on 1999’s breakthrough in snot-coated entertainment The Blair Witch Project. There are champions of the film that will praise the indie cash cow for being genuinely scary, there are critics that moan the whole thing is a lame gimmick responsible for tons of lame found footage fare, and there’s the camp of folks that applaud the marketing and are less enthused on the finished product. If the new extended trailer for Blair Witch is anything to go by, all three of those groups will likely be crapping their pants in terror courtesy of the 2016 motion picture. Prepare for a big windfall, discreet dry cleaners!

The latest peek from Collider at the upcoming horror offering is an extended trailer that also features the extended feeling of terror that comes from being crammed in a tight scary space. With or without a spooky villain, it’s rarely fun to be stuck in a wet hellhole that seems like it might double for a temporary grave. This new take on the franchise features the directing/writing team of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, who are quite good at these sorts of things (see: You’re Next, The Guest) and appear to continue being quite good at things if this early glimpse can be trusted.

Blair Witch is set to make its official debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, followed by a proper wide release on September 16.

(Via io9 & Collider)