Bob Iger Wants To Meet With Martin Scorsese To Discuss His ‘Nasty’ Marvel Comments

The streaming release of Martin Scorsese’s American mob epic The Irishman last month managed to stop the ongoing discourse regarding his comments against the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but only temporarily. In the latest issue of TIME, Disney CEO Bob Iger, who had previously defended his company’s subsidiary, Marvel Studios, against Scorsese’s criticisms, addressed them yet again. He also revealed that, despite all the back and forth in the press, the two men are actually trying to meet.

According to the TIME profile, Iger claimed “his people and Marty’s people are arranging a get-together.” Whether or not such a meeting will actually happen remains to be seen, but considering the CEO’s clout and the filmmaker’s stature, their respective top placements in the Hollywood hierarchy could very well cultivate such a meeting.

That is, if Scorsese doesn’t mind too much what Iger said about him to the magazine:

Iger… calls Scorsese’s comments “nasty” and “not fair to the people who are making the movies,” but brushes them off. “If Marty Scorsese wants to be in the business of taking artistic risk, all power to him,” he says. “It doesn’t mean that what we’re doing isn’t art.”

The director of Goodfellas and Taxi Driver calling Marvel movies “theme parks” back in October, doubling and tripling down on these comments, then writing an op-ed in the New York Times about it, is the latest film nerd story that just doesn’t want to end. (Like the “Snyder Cut.”)

(Via TIME)