One Of The Lebowski Fest Founders Is Creating A New Festival For Fans Of ‘Caddyshack’

10.28.18 9 months ago

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Since 2002, Lebowski Fest has summoned fans of the Coen brothers’ follow-up to their Oscar-gobbling thriller-drama Fargo. Attendees bowl. They drink White Russians. They dress as characters, like Peter Stormare’s Uli Kunkel when he’s in a Kraftwerk-y Krautrock band and when he’s in the porn-film-within-the-film Logjammin’. They watch the infinitely rewatchable The Big Lebowski, presumably while yelling stuff at the screen. Now the founders are trying to do the same thing for another classic laidback comedy: 1980’s golf comedy Caddyshack.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Will Russell, who co-founded Lebowski Fest, is hoping to launch Caddyshack Fest next summer. The former began in Louisville, Kentucky, where Russell is based, before spreading across the country. So it’s not surprising that the latter while begin there, too. But why Caddyshack — a more slovenly, adlib-heavy comedy than the air-tight Lebowski? Russell told EW:

“Bowling really ties Lebowski Fest together … It’s great to have an activity. I was like, ‘What’s another movie that has an activity? Caddyshack!’ It’s a f—ing great movie. It’s hilarious. It’s so quotable, just like Lebowski. I’m hanging out with my friend Matt Davis, and he’s always quoting Lebowski and Caddyshack, and I was like, ‘Dude, you want to do this Caddyshack Fest with me?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, man! Let’s do it!’

So there you have it.

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