Stop Everything Because Bill Murray Is Opening A Caddyshack Bar In Chicago

The hits keep on coming for the city of Chicago. Just as the celebration of the Cubs first World Series title since 1908 is starting to die down (yeah, right), news has just hit the wires that Bill Murray is planning to open a Caddyshack-themed restaurant in the city. Can this city get any more luck? What’s next, an official Ferris Bueller day off for everyone?

You might know that Murray and his three brothers already own another golf-themed restaurant, Murray Bros. Caddyshack in St. Augustine with menu items including: Spaulding’s Hack Salad and Double Bogey Cheeseburger. Hopefully the new restaurant will have even more golf puns. How about Judge Smails Snails? Everyone likes escargot, right?

It’s not yet known when the restaurant will open. But, thanks to The Daily Herald, we know where it will be. The new Caddyshack restaurant will open in nearby Rosemont. The brothers already have a verbal agreement to build an 11,000-square-foot restaurant inside of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Chicago suburb. Let’s hope the walls are adorned with plenty of pictures of Lacey Underall.

The report doesn’t share whether or not the bar is officially another Caddyshack bar, but murmurs are that this is the direction things are headed. What else could it be? A Scrooged bar? A Ghostbusters restaurant would be spooky, good times. How about a Ground Hog Day-themed pub where you have to order the same food every day?

If it seems strange to be excited about the opening of a restaurant based on movie that was released in 1980, then you don’t really understand what a cultural phenomenon the movie (or its star) is to this day. The film, written by Brian Doyle Murray and was based on the brother’s years spent as caddies at Chicago-area golf courses, is still one of the most quotable movies of all time. How else could you just randomly say, “He called me a baboon, he thinks I’m his wife.” Well, you probably still shouldn’t go around saying things like that, unless you want to get punched.

Since we can assume it will be another Caddyshack bar, we can only hope to see at least one TV playing a constant loop of, “Cinderella Boy” Carl Spackler becoming the “Masters Champion.” Tears in his eyes, I guess.