Allow Cara Delevingne To Demonstrate Her Hidden Talent Involving Nipples

With Suicide Squad finally coming out in theaters Friday, following last night’s red — err, black carpet premiere where Margot Robbie wore a unicorn dress and David Ayer yelled “f*ck Marvel,” the film’s stars are understandably in the middle of a whirlwind of press junkets and interviews. As such, over the weekend, the ladies of the Squad — Robbie, Cara Delevingne, and Karen Fukuhara — sat down with entertainment reporter Kristien Morato to chat about their upcoming movie.

Suffice to say, the women must be growing loopy from all the press, so things quickly go off the rails in this short clip in which model turned actress Delevingne claims to have a knack for finding nipples, of all things. “I bet anyone that has a T-shirt on, that I can find their nipple, right away,” she says, dead seriously, “I have like a nipple detector in my mind.”

First she tests out her talent on Robbie, who claims that Delevingne was just millimeters away. Next up she moves onto Fukuhara, and this time her aim was a bit more accurate as her costar shrieks and yells, “How did you know?” She even tests her hidden talent out on the interviewer, who admits, “I think you got it,” before high fiving all three stars. Say what you will, but having your nipple tweaked is hardly the worst thing that can happen during a Cara Delevingne interview.