Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Will ‘Get Exactly What They Both Wanted’ With A Joint Memorial

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Ever since Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds passed away within a day of each other last week in Los Angeles, tributes and memories have been pouring in from fans and friends from all over the globe. Mixed in with appreciations of both of their amazing careers have been well wishes and prayers for Billie Lourd, Carrie’s daughter and Debbie’s granddaughter who just suffered an unimaginably difficult loss at an unfairly young age, as well as questions about what the funeral setup would look like since they both died so close together.

Carrie and Debbie had quite the relationship, as any Postcards From the Edge fan could tell you, and their love for each other was no match for any other mother-daughter pair in all of Hollywood. As much as they could get on each other’s nerves, their relationship was as unbreakable as iron chains by the time both of them passed. Because of that relationship it was widely presumed that Debbie and Carrie would have a joint funeral or at least a dual memorial service, and now that assumption has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter via a source close to the mourning family.

On Thursday a joint memorial will be held at the family’s home in Beverly Hills and the source says,

“I’m not sure what they’re calling it ­— a funeral or a wake ­— but it will be Thursday at the house. It will be exactly what they both wanted, to be together.”

Debbie’s last words were that she wanted to be with Carrie, so it only makes sense that they would have a joint memorial and eventually a joint funeral.

Brother and son Todd Fisher told ABC News last week that there would be a joint funeral as well, although speculation is swirling as to where both actresses could be laid to rest — whether it is at the location that Debbie had pre-chosen for her final resting place or at a more “Los Angeles” place like the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

As of now, there are apparently no plans for a public memorial in addition to this private, family-and-friends-only event but based on the overwhelming love for each actress and her respective body of work it seems likely that eventually some sort of massive public honoring will occur, even if it is not directly planned by the family themselves.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)