Carrie Fisher Completed Work On ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

Carrie Fisher, iconic actor and author of Postcards From The Edge and Wishful Drinking, passed away on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack last Friday. Her death has inspired charity donations and an outpouring of tributes from around the world, including from Star Wars costars Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley. We’re going to miss her humor, that’s for sure.

And some have offered theories as to why we’ve lost so many cool people this year.

But at least we now have a small shred of good news to report during this gutting year; we’ll get to see Carrie Fisher reprise her role as General Organa — don’t call her Princess unless you’re Han Solo — one last time in Star Wars: Episode VIII next December. Variety reports Fisher completed all of her scenes with director by Rian Johnson, so we will see Fisher leading the resistance in one more film.

Fisher was also supposed to have a role in Episode IX, which films in 2018 for a release date in 2019. It’ll be a melancholy affair to watch Episode IX without Leia in it, but we have to admit Fisher went out on one hell of a high note:

Yep. She wins.

And we should include one final GIF. Before anyone complains about it, we should point out Leia could use the force, so there.

(Via Variety, Shauna, Miss Texas 1967, Alison in Wonderland, and Umberto Gonzalez)