Cary Fukunaga Has Playfully Responded To The Rumor That He Skipped ‘Bond 25’ Filming To Play Video Games

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Between former director Danny Boyle’s many comments about why he parted ways with the production and star Daniel Craig’s ankle injury, Bond 25 has endured quite a lot for a tentpole that’s still filming. Even so, the latest installment in the James Bond franchise is pressing on, though that doesn’t mean it hasn’t faced other troubling rumors. Like a recent report from the tabloid The Sun claiming that Boyle’s replacement was skipping the job for his video games.

As reported by IndieWire, The Sun‘s source indicated that “a real mutiny” had developed on the set because “Cary was so late for filming” that “the crew [was] asked to work extra hours to cover it.” And why was the True Detective and Beasts of No Nation director late, you ask? “He was playing on his PlayStation,” of course!

While neither MGM nor Fukunaga have officially commented on The Sun‘s report, per se, the director did post a photo of production designer Mark Tildesley to his Instagram account. The image was also accompanied by words praising the Bond 25 crew and a warning for Red Dead Redemption 2 players who might spoil the game for Fukunaga, who hasn’t finished playing it yet:

There’s not a minute on this job that isn’t scheduled, and even during a shoot day, in the hours before call, between takes and setups, and after we wrap there’s always a line of dedicated and hard working department heads hungry to prep our next sequences, no one sleeps on this kind of job. So sure it’s hard, but it’s still the best job in the world and I’d never disrespect the hardest working cast and crew. We’re all in this together. As for my PS4 relationship, if my RDR2 progress is any indication, it’s been stunted at 63% for months and if anyone spoils the end for me before I wrap on B25 I’m going to be pissed.

You can see Fukunaga’s Instagram post below.

(Via IndieWire)