The Trailer For ‘Chip n’ Dale’ Shows Chipmunk Dale As An Insurance Agent Voiced By John Mulaney

In what will likely be the best CGI-live action hybrid since the 2019 classic Detective Pikachu, the lovable chipmunks Chip and Dale are back in their own movie, featuring almost too many cameos from various Disney properties.

In Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, the iconic rodents have to reunite to solve a crime after being estranged for years. It’s like Who Framed Roger Rabbit but for the 21st century, where Disney now owns everything. Will we get a Baby Yoda cameo? Probably!

The ensemble cast features a slew of comedians Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Kay, J.K. Simmons, Will Arnett, Eric Bana, and more as various real, CGI, and hand-drawn characters. As per the official description:

Chip and Dale are living amongst cartoons and humans in modern-day Los Angeles, but their lives are quite different now. It has been decades since their successful television series was canceled, and Chip (John Mulaney) has succumbed to a life of suburban domesticity as an insurance salesman. Dale (Andy Sandberg), meanwhile, has had CGI surgery and works the nostalgia convention circuit, desperate to relive his glory days. When a former castmate mysteriously disappears, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and take on their Rescue Rangers detective personas once again to save their friend’s life.

The movie hit Disney+ on May 20th. No word yet on if it will get a theatrical release, but it absolutely should. Check out the trailer above.