It Sounds Like Noted Method-Acting Enthusiast Christian Bale (Further) Switched Gears For ‘The Pale Blue Eye’

Christian Bale seems to be making good on his recent comments that Method acting is getting out of hand. According to Harry Melling, Bale’s co-star in the gothic detective film, The Pale Blue Eye, The Dark Knight actor kept it cool on set and did not stay in character the whole time as he’s famously done in the past. Bale also didn’t employ one of his trademark body transformations like he’s done for Vice and The Fighter.

Via IndieWire:

“My experience working on it was that we’d turn up, not really talk about the scene, and just start playing it,” Melling told The Independent of working with Bale, citing the fact that he “doesn’t really know” what constitutes Method acting. “There was no staying in character, but I guess you’re always held within some form of character just because you’re wearing the clothes and you’re in that environment as that person.”

“I think Method acting sometimes gets a branding that’s unhelpful,” Melling added, and it appears Bale is of the same mind. Back in October, Bale talked about his work on Thor: Love and Thunder and he seemed to noticeably less enthralled with Method acting.

“That would’ve been a pitiful attempt to do that,” Bale said of going Method for his role of Gorr the God Butcher. “As I’m trying to get help getting the fangs in and out and explaining I’ve broken a nail, or I’m tripping over the tunic.”

However, Bale did admit to slipping into some of his old ways while filming Amsterdam. He confessed to telling Chris Rock that he couldn’t hang out on set with him anymore because he was making him laugh too much.

“If I get to know people too much, I find I just don’t believe what I’m doing in the scene,” Bale said.

(Via IndieWire)