People Sure Have A Lot To Say About The Poster For ‘Cocaine Bear’ (The Movie About The Bear That Ate Cocaine)

Cocaine Bear speaks for himself. You don’t ask about Cocaine Bear, he presents himself to you. In your time of need, Cocaine Bear will appear out of thin, slightly powdery white air, to remind you that you should follow your dreams if you see something you decide you want to eat. In all of us, there is a Cocaine Bear, waiting for its moment to shine. Cocaine Bear is a legend that will be told for years to come, generations from now, we will all remember where we were when Cocaine Bear came to reign. And that time……….. is now.

Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming film Cocaine Bear will hit theaters in February, starring Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson, Matthew Rhys, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ray Liotta in one of his last film roles. Today, we have gotten a first look at what exactly we are getting into here.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Cocaine Bear…what does it mean?” and that question simply cannot be answered in under 1000 words, so here is the short version: Cocaine Bear is based on a true story (!) from 1985 in which a black bear died after consuming over 70 pounds of cocaine (!!) that was found in a duffle bag that fell from a plane that was being piloted by a convicted drug smuggler (!!!) who died himself while parachuting out of the plane and ended up landing in someone’s driveway (!!!!). The bear was found dead, surrounded by 40 opened containers of cocaine. RIP Cocaine Bear.

But he was not forgotten. His light keeps shining, and he keeps inspiring hope. Cocaine Bear is the symbol of what can happen when you have a dream, access to a plane, and a ton of drugs. And also happen to be a bear. His movie will be an inspiration to others! It will be Peak Cinema! Just look at his impact.

The Cocaine Bear Era is just beginning! Just wait until he gets his ride at Disney Hollywood Studios in 2027!

Cocaine Bear will hit theaters in February 2023. Can you even wait that long?!