Conan O’Brien Remembers David Bowie By Sharing Some Of The Legend’s Best ‘Late Night’ Moments

Most are still coming to terms with the loss of David Bowie at 69. There has been an outpouring of tributes and memories shared online today, painting a picture of a loss that’s truly great. The memorial continues into late night as Conan takes a moment on his show to look back on some of the great moments he shared with Bowie during his time on Late Night.

You really get a sense that Bowie was a fun guy to have a chat with and seemed open to go along with almost anything that was put in front of him during an appearance. Andy Richter shared a similar sentiment last night, shortly after Bowie’s death was confirmed.

There is a little bit missing from the look back, but I can understand the difficulty in getting access to everything across network lines. One of my favorites was when Bowie appeared on the recurring Secrets segment, talking a bit about the things we likely all knew were true and didn’t want to acknowledge. There’s just a wealth of different entertaining things that Bowie had a hand in over the years. Even indirectly, he was this fun deity of pop culture that could boost up any movie or TV show.

(Via Team Coco)

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