Follow Your ‘Making A Murderer’ Binge With These True Crime Documentaries On Netflix

01.09.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

CNN Films/Drathouse

So, like everyone else you know, you either have watched or are currently watching Making A Murderer, the ten-part, binge-friendly documentary series currently racking up Netflix views and dominating water-cooler conversations. The problem is, those ten hours can go by pretty fast, and once you have time to process the finale, along with reading through all the rebuttal articles and celebrity hot-takes, you might feel as though something’s missing from your life. The good news is that Netflix has no shortage of true crime documentaries for your viewing pleasure, so here’s a look at the ten highest-rated crime documentaries you should horrify your yourself with.

Kids For Cash

Keeping with the ‘corrupt justice system’ theme, this film takes a look at a pair of judges in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, who were known for handing down uncommonly harsh punishments to juveniles in exchange for huge kickbacks. While it spends some time examining how the two judges reacted very differently to the accusations, it also looks at the lives of the children whose lives were changed for the worse by the juvenile detention system as a result.

Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded

A special 2014 extended edition of the original documentary Cocaine Cowboys, which chronicles the Columbian drug cartel’s takeover of Miami in the late 1970s and early 1980s, ushering in an era of unprecedented crime and violence. The Reloaded version contains several additional minutes of footage and interviews that work to recreate the story in a much more thorough way. The original cut of the film is also available to stream.

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