‘Deadpool 2’ Fan Art Imagines Keira Knightley As Cable And People Are Digging It

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02.16.16 20 Comments
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Deadpool‘s premiere weekend was huge. Not just huge, but mega-huge. Huger than everything R-rated that has come before it, including the previous record holder of “best R-rated opening weekend of all time” The Matrix: Reloaded. So many people went to see the movie about the Merc with a Mouth that I’m genuinely concerned about how some couples spent Valentine’s Day. The film’s opening weekend success, more than anything else, means that the studio greenlighting a sequel before the first installment even landed in theaters was a good decision.

Now, fans can turn their attention to what’s to come in the sequel. Based on a pair of post-credits sequences, it is now safe to say that that sequel will include X-Force member and Deadpool partner Cable. Cable is a fan favorite and is known for being a time traveling cyborg with some signature scars, a more than suitably awesome character to join Deadpool in his next adventure. A few joking suggestions by Deadpool himself to close out the post-credits clips put forth Keira Knightley as a casting possibility, and now the internet has done what the internet does best and run with the concept.

Fan art has emerged that depicts Knightley as the intense character, and the results are honestly so good that Keira’s agent needs to call the Deadpool producers as soon as is physically possible. A Fanartist that goes by BossLogic posted one image on Twitter, and the rest is history.

It’s hard to argue with as intimidating and perfectly crafted picture as that. Not only would the role offer Keira her best butt-kicking role since she last played Elizabeth in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but it also has the potential of enlarging the amount of possible fans for Deadpool by casting someone that hasn’t yet appeared in a comic book movie. From the early looks of it, fan reaction has been positive in regards to the possibility.

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