Rob Liefeld Sounds Pretty Excited ‘Deadpool 3’ Is Bringing ‘New Voices’ To The Table

We already know the next Deadpool movie is going in a very different direction than previous entries, with Bob’s Burgers writers Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux reportedly penning the threequel in the Ryan Reynolds-led comic book movie franchise. But if you were wondering what Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld thought of this new direction, you’ll be disappointed to learn that he’s”open to new voices” taking on his creation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Liefeld had a positive reaction to the news — not the least becuase he’s apparently a big fan of the Fox cartoon.

Liefeld, who counts himself as a fan of Bob’s Burgers, notes that the Molyneux sisters must have had a strong pitch to win over star Ryan Reynolds and Marvel. He’s excited to see their take on the foul mouthed hero, who moves from Fox to Disney-owned Marvel for the film, following Disney’s acquisition of the studio.

“I think people should just be open to new voices,” says Liefeld. “Without new voices, I never would have gotten a job in comics. Without new voices, [Walking Dead creator] Robert Kirkman never breaks into comics.”

The story says that Liefeld was keen to judge the reaction to the news on social media, and basically any news in the comic book movie universe will have some negative reaction somewhere. But you certainly won’t find Liefeld among the haters or a script that likely doesn’t even exist yet.

[via THR]