New ‘Deadpool’ TV Spot Shows Off The Hero’s Romantic Side

Deadpool arrives in a little over a month, and it has an unusual date staked out for a superhero movie. True, some of us associate gunfights and katanas with Valentine’s Day, but not everybody has that awesome of a relationship. Fortunately, Wade Wilson is coming to the rescue by showing off how romantic he is.

There’s not much new footage from the actual movie here, although we do see Morena Baccarin take a shot at Gina Carano. That probably won’t end well for her, but hey, at least she’s standing up for herself. As far as things standing up, though, the main goal of this spot is to make Ryan Reynolds as sexy as he can possibly be stuffed into red spandex and wearing a full facemask. There are roses, chest stroking, and, of course, crotch shots. We’re surprised he doesn’t show off his other assets.

We have to say, though, Deadpool’s competition for the date-movie dollar isn’t very strong. You’ve got a Nicholas Sparks movie that explains what Tom Welling has been up to since Smallville was canceled and a romantic comedy whose main selling point is Rebel Wilson dancing. Really, as long as Zoolander 2 doesn’t have katana fights, Deadpool should have it made.

(Via Coming Soon)