‘Deadpool’ Pulled Off His Crush For Bea Arthur Thanks To A Classy Move By Ryan Reynolds

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03.06.16 2 Comments

Deadpool is still pitching hard at the box office, several weeks after its smash success and inception of the inevitable underdog sequel. The film, by many people’s standards, perfectly executed a riveting dance between profane tendencies and solid storytelling. One seemingly overlooked aspect was Deadpool’s “crush” on Bea Arthur, which received plenty of attention in the comic books themselves. And really, is it no wonder that Deadpool would choose Bea Arthur, who played Golden Girl Dorothy, as an object of his affections? Both are equally sarcastic and full of delicious mouthiness:

Yet it seemed that the late Arthur received short shrift in the cinematic adaptation of the Merc with the Mouth’s perilous adventures. In fact, Deadpool may have shifted alliances by favoring Betty White on his Christmas wishlist and also gleefully accepting White’s foul-mouthed review of the film itself. Did Deadpool’s loyalties shift?

No freaking way. The Hollywood Reporter reminds audiences that Ryan Reynolds did indeed wear an Arthur t-shirt during the film, and Reynolds went to great lengths to make this happen. A new piece from Hollywood Reporter goes old school (way back to 2004) for some thoughts from Deadpool writer Fabian Nicieza, who explains the antihero’s fascination with Arthur:

“It had been the first time I’d written Deadpool in 10 years, so I wanted to recapture his voice immediately, as well as his loneliness. The TV [was] talking about naming ‘The World’s Sexiest Woman’ and he shouts out, ‘Bea Arthur!’ It turns out to be Halle Berry and that upset Wade to no end. I was simply channeling Deadpool’s very idiosyncratic – or insane – point of view on things, plus alluding to his co-dependent relationship with [his elderly woman sidekick] Blind Al. Who would Wade consider sexy?”

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