‘Deadpool’ Does Superhero Training And Gets To Know Himself Better In This Highly NSFW Deleted Scene

Did you get enough of Deadpool swearing, making sexual references, and killing people when the movie came out in February? Can’t wait until the sequel comes out? We thought not. If you already miss all the mayhem that Deadpool brought to the superhero genre, then there is a treat for you. MTV News has a deleted scene from the movie that is all at once an amazing training montage and a perfect distillation of who Deadpool is as a character. In it, he does a lot of what you would expect and maybe some things you wouldn’t. Decorating for Christmas…perfecting his costume…jacking off. You know, your standard superhero stuff.

But of course, Deadpool is not a standard superhero. So instead of a training montage being set to some glorious 80’s music it’s tracked with his own theme song. And instead of breaking wooden planks in half or doing a lot of sit-ups or learning how to wax windows, he is blowing bad guys’ brains out and sitting at the bar planning his next move. It’s not a Deadpool montage without a ton of brains on a wall after all. Even with all the gore and swearing, we have to admit that his Christmas decorations look great and are definitely his brand of festive. Finding time to experience the joy of the holiday season and murder a bunch of people? Turns out incredibly inappropriate superheroes can have it all!

(via MTV News)