Uh-Oh, ‘Avatar 2’ Star Edie Falco Actually Thought The Sequel Already Came Out And Bombed

Edie Falco is one of those actresses who can basically do whatever she wants simply because she has starred in your favorite show, The Sopranos, your mom’s favorite show, Nurse Jackie, and your dad’s favorite show, Oz. So she gets to sprinkle in a James Cameron movie every once in a while!

But because she stays busy, Falco might not be the best at keeping track of all of her high-profile projects. And who can blame her? She is currently preparing to star as Pete Davidson’s mom in Bupkis, so she clearly has other things on her brain besides a silly little movie.

Falco was chatting with the ladies of The View this week when she admitted that she had been so busy, she kind of thought the movie already came and went (she probably doesn’t use Twitter) and he had never heard about it. “The second Avatar, the one that’s coming out, I think I shot four years ago,” Flaco explained. “And then I’ve been busy, and doing stuff, and somebody mentioned Avatar, and I thought, ‘Oh, I guess it came out and didn’t do very well,’ because I didn’t hear anything.” To be fair, it took a very long time for this movie to come out.

Falco added that somebody mentioned the film to her recently, to which she responded, “Oh, it hasn’t come out yet?” Hopefully that somebody she was speaking to wasn’t James Cameron.

Despite the memory lapse (hey, it’s been a stressful few years) Falco is ecstatic to be in the movie, mostly because she wanted to be blue. She didn’t get to be blue. “Well, I wanted to be blue. I was excited — I was going to be blue and very tall…I didn’t get either of those things,” Falco admitted. She portrays General Frances Ardmore, a major antagonist in the sequel. “But I did get that exoskeleton, and that was pretty darn cool. All of this is so out of the realm of anything I’ve ever done!”

Now that the movie finally came out, Falco will be delighted to know that it did not flop. But she still hasn’t seen it! Though she’ll be happy to know that James Cameron thinks it’s just like The Sopranos.

(Via indieWire)