Hear The First Snippet Of Emma Watson Singing ‘Something There’ From ‘Beauty And The Beast’

It’s not much, but thanks to a mix up in toy release schedules you can now hear the first sample of Emma Watson singing “Something More” from Beauty and the Beast. The movie doesn’t come out until March, and up until now the only official materials released have been the trailer and a few images of Watson in the iconic yellow ball gown. But now, thanks to an apparent mix up in the toy release schedule, you can hear a clip of her singing one of Belle’s best songs from the movie.

Jack Morrissey, a producer on the film, re-grammed an Instagram earlier today that appears to play a track from the movie as brought to you by the sketchy audio taken from a Belle toy found on the shelves of Toys ‘R Us. Morrissey confirmed the legitimacy of the recording, and now everybody can get a little idea of what Watson’s voice sounds like singing the beloved songs from the movie.

It’s definitely Watson’s voice, and the good news is it doesn’t sound incredibly auto-tuned so she is actually showing off her pipes a bit. Whether the rest of the movie’s songs will live up to the promise of this first clip is hard to tell at this point but at least there are bright signs three months in advance of the release.