No, ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Isn’t Getting A Sequel About Evelyn Becoming Radicalized By Social Media

Today’s moviegoers are so used to franchises that a one-off movie that just ends can seem a touch alien. Such was the case with Everything Everywhere All at Once, the surprise money gobbler in which Michelle Yeoh’s laundromat owner tries not to lose her mind in a multiverse of madness. The action-sci-fi-drama has become A24’s biggest stateside hit, but even before it was, filmmakers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert — collectively billed as “the Daniels” — seemed to have floated a bonkers ideas for a sequel. Now it turns out that was just a joke.

As caught by The AV Club, The Daniels took to Twitter to shoot down an IndieWire article, which claimed, based on an interview they did with them in March, that the two were planning a follow-up to what would soon become a sleeper hit. At the time, Scheinert addressed how their film never really addresses the Internet, and how Yeoh’s Evelyn, unlike her daughter Joy, is someone who simply never grew up with it.

“Actually, if we ever were to do a sequel to this movie, it would be about Evelyn getting radicalized,” Kwan chimed in. “And then Joy would have to go out and save her mom.”

Alas, that was “not true at all,” the Daniels tweeted. “Don’t even remember making this joke. Must have been back in March when the idea of a sequel was especially comically far fetched to us.”

Sorry! It’s not a terrible idea for a movie, and given their energetic filmmaking style the Daniels would probably make that into a fun commentary on something very real: older people who didn’t grow up with the Internet being easily snookered by misinformation and straight-up nonsense. On the other hand, more movies should simply just end.

(Via The AV Club and IndieWire)