Kate Mara Shares Miles Teller’s Desire To Make Another ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie

Simon Kinberg wants to make a Fantastic Four sequel. So does Miles Teller, or at least he’s being very diplomatic about it. Now, Kate Mara says that she’s willing to play Sue Storm again, which comes as perhaps the biggest surprise, given her previous reluctance to even watch the movie.

In an interview with IGN during her media rounds for Morgan, Mara said that she’d “love to be a part of a Fantastic Four sequel or whatever they may or may not have in store for us.” It certainly isn’t the world’s strongest endorsement, but she reiterates the point that her co-stars all want to take another stab at this seemingly Dr. Doomed franchise.

“I know all the guys feel the same way. We love working with each other. We would love to actually play these characters in another way, somehow, in the future. I have no idea if that’s actually true, if that will happen, but I’d be really happy to do it.”

Again, Kinberg seems quite enthusiastic about making another film with this particular cast – Teller, Mara, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan – and focusing on the “brighter, funner, more optimistic tone” of the comic books. We may never know what really happened with director Josh Trank behind-the-scenes of what he thought was “better than 99 percent of the comic-book movies ever made,” and we’ll probably never see that awesome cut that he and Toby Kebbell raved about. Until that oral history is written, though, we’ll simply remember this movie as a financial and critical failure that Mara mocked for bombing.

Is a new, more optimistic director the difference in Marvel’s first family finally getting its justice on the big screen? Or will the cast once again be left to sympathize with pissed off moviegoers?