Florence Pugh Seems To Be Trying To Lower The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Drama With A Loving Post About Everyone, Especially ‘Bloody Cute’ Chris Pine

Don’t Worry Darling isn’t even coming out for a couple more weeks, but it’s already been a rollercoaster ride. The last few weeks have seen Olivia Wilde’s directorial follow-up to Booksmart go from hotly anticipated awards season release with a hot trailer to a tabloid factory. The drama seemed to peak during its Venice Film Festival premiere, where things got so tense that people thought — incorrectly, it seems! — that Harry Styles spat on co-star Chris Pine. But now it seems at least one of them is trying to lower the temperature.

On Wednesday, Florence Pugh, who stars in the film as a 1950s housewife, posted a loving ode to the film and its cast and crew on Instagram. “I’m still taking it all in! Qwoaaar. What a moment this was?” she wrote innocently, as though nothing had gone awry. She also gushed about going to the Venice Film Festival for the first time, but then made sure to offer blanket praise to her coworkers. “And to all the cast and crew as well who helped to make this movie, thank you for all of your hard work. We genuinely wouldn’t have been there without your talent and we appreciate it hugely.”

Pugh even singled out one cast member in particular.:“I also just can’t help but post how bloody cute and hilarious Chris Pine is for being the no.1 photographer, getting down on white pressed trousered knees for angles.. now that’s dedication. Love you Chrissy.”

Pugh has been a key part of the film’s drama, with claims that she may have had a fallen out with Wilde somewhere during the shoot. Pugh didn’t even show up at the awkward press conference, and she can’t attend its New York premiere (for a good reason). This post either contradicted some of the rumors that have befallen the film or simply put a happy face on the insanity. Wherever the truth lies, it’s another ambiguous chapter to a movie that’s inexplicably become the most scandalous movie of the fall.

Don’t Worry Darling this theaters on September 23.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)