The ‘John Wick 3’ Director Claims That The Wachowskis Are Working On A Fourth ‘Matrix’ Movie

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The Wachowskis haven’t released a movie since 2015’s royalty-bees masterpiece Jupiter Ascending (I don’t care what Eddie Redmayne says), but Lana and Lilly are reportedly working on their next project now and it’s woah.

John Wick Chapter 3 director Chad Stahelski revealed that the siblings are making a fourth Matrix movie, following the original 1998 mega-hit and its divisive sequels, The Matrix Reloaded (the one with the rave/orgy) and The Matrix Revolutions (the one without the rave/orgy). How does he know? Stahelski worked as star Keanu Reeves’ stunt double on all three films.

“I’m super happy that the Wachowskis are not just doing a Matrix, but they’re expanding what we all loved,” he told Yahoo Movies UK. “And if it’s anywhere near the level of what they’ve already done, it wouldn’t take more than a call to go, ‘Hey, we want you to be a stunt guy’ and I would probably go and get hit by a car.” Get yourself a friend like Stahelski, who isn’t sure whether the Wachowskis will direct the film, but they’re involved, “and if they wanted help, I would absolutely put down whatever I was doing to help them.”

Reeves, who’s been an action star for three straight decades now (that point doesn’t have to do with anything, really; it’s just crazy to think about), would be happy to return for another Matrix movie, but only if the Wachowskis wrote and directed it. “That would be a gift,” he said. “I wouldn’t say no to that. Yeah.”

(Via Yahoo Movies UK)