A Whedon Regular Joins The ‘Dark Tower’ Film As The Man In Black’s Sidekick

fran kranz
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Another piece of the Dark Tower puzzle has been put in place with the casting of sidekick Pimli. The right hand man of The Man In Black, who in this project is being played by Matthew McConaughey, will be portrayed by Fran Kranz. For those who may be more familiar with Kranz’s face than they are his name, the actor is a favorite of Joss Whedon’s and has appeared in many of the director’s projects. Whether it as the stoner battling against legendary fictional beings in The Cabin In The Woods, programming people in Dollhouse, or a member of the impressive Much Ado About Nothing cast, Kranz has been around the block a time or two with Whedon and always manages to stand out.

His ability to steal scenes will be a boon in this role as well, seeing as he will be sharing the screen with the aforementioned McConaughey as well as Idris Elba. The project is still in early enough stages that the cast is still rounding itself out. So far though, it is an impressive group of actors who all have shown the ability in past projects to be able to bounce off actors with different aesthetics than their own. The movie isn’t out for nearly another year, but with the information fans of the series have now, it’s not out of the question to start getting excited about how things are shaping up.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)