George Clooney Is Reportedly Selling His Scenic Lake Como Estate For $107 Million If You Guys Wanna Pitch In And Scoop It Up

George Clooney’s very popular tequila brand, Casamigos (you’ve seen the ads all over the subway), quite literally translates to ‘House of Friends’ so you know that this man loves a good house. Unfortunately for his friends, he seems to be doing away with one of his more popular homes, the one in Lake Como, Italy. You know, the place where Anakin and Padme got married.

Clooney is selling his estate for a whopping $107 million, which is actually less than the amount of money that Clooney’s character steals in Ocean’s Eleven so it seems like a bargain. He bought the home in 2002 for about $10 million. This was right after he had a cameo in Spy Kids, so it makes sense that he was loaded back then. Now he just sells tequila.

Don’t feel too bad for him, though. Clooney still allegedly owns four other estates, most recently purchasing a nice little mansion in France, so he has many more Houses for Friends. If that’s what he chooses to do.

For now, Clooney seems to be laying low as he settles into his other homes. He is slated to star alongside Brad Pitt in AppleTV+’s hitman thriller Wolves, though production shut down in July due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Earlier this year he had a minor cameo in The Flash, but we don’t have to talk about that.

(Via Page Six)