Modern And Vintage ‘Ghostbusters’ May Unite In A Future Movie

In comics, right now, every crossover you dreamed of as a kid is happening. The Ninja Turtles are teaming up with the Batman from the ’90s cartoon. G.I. Joe is hanging out with the Transformers. Mulder and Scully have investigated the Crow. And now, the modern-day Ghostbusters are meeting up with their 1980s counterparts. And Ivan Reitman, director of the first two, let something slip about the future of the franchise.

For those unfamiliar, the future of the franchise is a bit up in the air. There won’t be a sequel to the quite fun 2016 movie, but there is an animated movie in the works. The main question, of course, is what this animated movie would be about, and Reitman, in promotional materials for the comic, seems to let it slip it’ll be a crossover of sorts:

I’ve always wanted to meld the two worlds. It would be great fun to see them all together for the first time and I think it’s important for the future that we bring it back into a single universe.

An animated crossover would be a good way around the franchise’s struggles. Part of the reason Ghostbusters 3 never happened is that Bill Murray and Harold Ramis experienced a personal rift in 1993 that made it impossible to get them into the same room. Similarly, it’s not like the cast of the reboot has any shortage of work, and it’s a lot easier to spend a week in a vocal booth than three months on set. We’ll likely find out soon enough; while little has been heard on the movie since March, we know Sony will be doing something with the Ghostbusters soon enough.

(via /Film)