Tommy Wiseau Enthusiasts Think James Franco Ruined The Best Award Speech Of 2018


James Franco is enjoying his first major awards win after playing Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, a film he calls the best movie he’s ever made, which also happens to be based on the worst movie ever made. This mixture of awesome and awful has been made possible by the eccentric and mysterious Tommy Wiseau, who produced, wrote, starred in and directed the cult classic The Room, the film that led us to this moment.

Of course, Franco’s performance is what got him holding a little gold statue in Los Angeles, but it’s Wiseau’s vision that inspired The Disaster Artist. So when Wiseau made his way to the microphone, only to get blocked out by Franco, fans of Wiseau and The Room were collectively denied what they thought could be an award acceptance speech for the ages.

Who knows what kind of message Wiseau would deliver in the brief time he had on the microphone? It could’ve been poignant, touching and a heartfelt acknowledgment of finally realizing one’s dream. Or, he might’ve asked about everyone’s sex life. Who knows?

Or maybe Franco told Wiseau he could speak but decided against it at the last second. Right now, Tommy might be saying: “They betrayed me, they didn’t keep their promise, they tricked me, and I don’t care anymore.”