Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Success Is The Reason We Won’t See A ‘Hamilton’ Movie For A While

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The people who have managed to see Hamilton fall into three different camps: the incredibly patient, the incredibly famous, and the incredibly rich. But what of us unlucky plebs, waiting for the founding father’s hip-hop origin story to hit our local cineplex or Redbox? According to Variety‘s sources, we’ll have to keep right on waiting. A Hamilton movie isn’t in the cards for a good, long while.

Unfortunately, Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t in position to ride the wave of interest in musical-movie adaptations. While big names like Cats and Guys and Dolls are making their way to the big screen, Miranda is too busy working on the still-running stage play and a setting up runs in Chicago and a nationwide tour that will launch in March 2017, reportedly kicking off in Los Angeles.

On top of that, Miranda has been tagged to help with the music for Disney’s Moana , lead by The Rock, and to star in the Mary Poppins’ sequel Mary Poppins Returns. With all of this, our best bet for a Miranda-led musical at the multiplex is his pre-Hamilton success, In The Heights. A movie version of this bodega-based show has been in limbo since 2011, but renewed interest in Miranda might light a fire under the project.

Of course, if you want something a little closer to the source, there’s always Hamiltoe. We know, you watch for the songs.

(Via Variety)