Henry Cavill Posted A Bizarre Instagram Video After His Superman News

Warner Bros.

Early Wednesday, we got the news that Henry Cavill was out as Superman. Warner Bros., who owns the DC movies and their rather inconsistent Extended Universe, had decided to “part ways” with the actor, who had played the Man of Steel in only three films, including, well, Man of Steel as well as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and last year’s Justice League. At least the British actor got two more than Superman Returns star Brandon Routh.

It didn’t take long for Cavill to break his silence, even if he did so by not uttering a single word. Instead, as caught by The A.V. Club, he took to his Instagram account, where he uploaded a video of him slowly and dramatically lifting up his head, making eye contact with the camera, raising a rather large Superman action figure, still encased in its plastic box, then lowering it while continuing his staring contest. All the while, a version of Johann Strauss II’s immortal waltz “The Blue Danube” plays, this one featuring darks barking. The caption Cavill wrote reads, simply, “Today was exciting #Superman.”

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Today was exciting #Superman

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So! Kind of weird? Is Cavill verklempt? Has he briefly lost his mind? Or is he teasing some new news that we don’t know about yet? Or maybe, just maybe, he’s just celebrating, tacitly signaling to us that, now that he’s free of a stuttering mega-franchise, he can focus all his attention on that Man from U.N.C.L.E. sequel we all desperately want? Surely one day this will all make sense.

(Via The A.V. Club)