Original ‘Howard The Duck’ Star Lea Thompson Is Offering To Direct Any Potential Marvel Reboot

Let’s get this out of the way: ‘80s dream girl Lea Thompson had the hots for a rather odd assortment of characters throughout her filmography. In Back to the Future she was horny for her son from the future (Michael J. Fox); in Casual Sex, she ends up falling for Andrew Dice Clay; and in Howard the Duck, Thompson totally gets it on with an anthropomorphic waterfowl from outer space (yes, she f*cked a duck). And now, she’d love to see some other young actress get to do the same.

While Howard the Duck is probably best known for being a universally panned—and incredibly weird movie, even for the ‘80s—that arrived in theaters in 1986 and featured a then-unknown actor named Tim Robbins, its pedigree isn’t as odd as those details make it sound. The character originated as a Marvel Comics character and the film was a bit of a passion project for George Lucas, who executive produced it.

While the final result may not have been all that its fans were hoping for, Thompson has never made a secret of her affinity for that horny ol’ space duck. On more than one occasion, she has mentioned wanting to bring Howard back to the big screen—and after he began trending following a brief appearance in the trailer for a new Marvel TV series titled What If, Thompson was quick to jump on the trend, tweeting that: “I see #HowardTheDuck is trending #3. That’s awesome. #i love my duck #WhatIf I get to direct @Marvel reboot.”

While it may have sounded like a joke to some of her followers, this isn’t the first time Thompson has expressed her desire to get back in the duck business. While being interviewed by SYFY in 2018, it was noted that Howard had made brief appearances in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as Avengers: Endgame. Could a #Duckaissance be much further behind?

“Oh my God, from your lips to God’s ears,” Thompson said. “I don’t know. To tell you the actual truth, I am going to Marvel to pitch Howard the Duck, a new movie.” We wonder what the odds are that Tim Robbins would want to come back for a second go-around.

(Via The Wrap)