You Will Never Want A Balloon Again After Seeing The New ‘It Chapter Two’ Poster

Warner Bros.

It really doesn’t matter if Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader is in It Chapter Two, because this movie is going to frighten just as many (if not more) people as the first one. Case in point: the new IMAX poster for the film, which first popped up over at People magazine before making the rounds. And that’s just the poster! There’s also the new behind-the-scenes featurette that was exclusively released by Fandango which, aside from including bits and pieces of the first trailer, also includes some new equally horrifying footage.

First, there’s the IMAX poster, positions the viewer underneath a gaggle of the now-iconic red balloons. And sure enough, tucked away amid these otherwise unassuming rubber bags of gas is Pennywise himself, looking down on the balloon holder(s). Fans of It Chapter One were already terrified of these red balloons after seeing it for the first time, but this? This is a lot.

Warner Bros.

But that’s just the poster. In the new featurette, which relies heavily on interviews with author Stephen King, director Andrés Muschietti and a few of the adult cast members, audiences are briefly greeted with a few new shots from the sequel.

Many of these concern a few snippets of Pennywise’s underground lair, which audiences caught glimpses of in the first film. Those familiar with King’s sprawling novel will know that the Losers Club members, as adults, make their final stand against the creature in its actual underground hideout, which is equal parts mysterious temple and ruined space ship. Also, it’s terrifying. It’s going to take me a while to recover from the shot of Bill Skarsgård cradling Jay Ryan, who plays adult Ben, in his arms.

You can check out the It Chapter Two featurette below.

(Via People and Fandango)