No, That Wasn’t A Lesbian Couple In The ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer

Last month when the latest trailer for the highly anticipated Pixar film, Finding Dory was released the internet was flooded with tweets and messages all surrounding an extremely quick clip of what appeared to have been a lesbian couple with a baby carriage. However, according to Variety  lucky folks who have seen an advanced screening of the film have stated that Pixar does not blatantly tell the audience that the two women seen in the trailer are in fact a same-sex couple, but rather it is “left up to the audience to decide their relationship”. So maybe they’re not out and proud lesbians, but rather they’re in a Boston marriage. Nobody knows.

LGBT visibility in feature-length films is an issue that Hollywood as yet to deal with head on. According to GLAAD, only 22 out of 128 studio films released last year featured characters who identified as LGBT with most of these films in the low budget range. None of the films included were produced by Disney. Before the talk of a lesbian couple in Finding Dory, a petition was made to have Elsa from Frozen come out in Frozen 2 with the hastag #GiveElsaAGirlFriend trending on Twitter.

LGBT erasure is very apparent in film. The biggest example of this was earlier this year with the release of Deadpool. Deadpool is known to be pansexual, yet in the film he was only shown having sex with women — although scenes regarding Deadpool’s sexuality were anything but vanilla.

Finding Dory, which stars the most successful lesbian in Hollywood, Ellen Degeneres, hits theaters June, 17.

(Via: Variety)