‘Jackass’ Will Be Returning With A Fourth Movie, Due In Early 2021

Everything old is always new again in Hollywood, but as far as revived franchises go this is pretty incredible: On Wednesday night — the same night the embargo on Cats movie reviews lifted and the president was impeached — Paramount revealed that it was green-lighting a fourth Jackass movie. As per Deadline, it will be due March 5, 2021.

It’s been over nine years since the last Jackass, 2010’s extra-dimensional Jackass 3D, which, like the previous two cinematic offerings — as well as, of course, the beloved MTV show, which ran for three seasons, beginning in the year 2000 — subjected its cast of masochists to any number of creative, even arguably scientific forms of self-abuse. (Or at least, in that film’s case, they simply fired a dildo at the 3-D camera in super-slo-mo — a truly inventive use of the technology.)

But there was more to Jackass 3D. Johnny Knoxville and team were all pushing 40 by that time, having begun when they were far more nimble twentysomethings. It was an autumnal, melancholic entry, and it seemed to conclude that they were bidding this part of their lives adieu. Meanwhile, Jackass 4 is scheduled to arrive mere days before Knoxville’s 50th birthday. No word on whether the original team will merely be mentors, overseeing a new generation of Jackass daredevils, or if they’ll simply just back into the game that made them names.

Until we find out, there’s plenty of time to revisit such bits as the time they took dumps in hardware store toilets or that one in Jackass Number Two in which some of them willingly got cattle branded.

(Via Deadline)