Jamie Lee Curtis Signed A Contract On ‘Kimmel’ To Confirm That ‘Halloween Ends’ Is Her Final ‘Halloween’ Movie

Halloween Ends is, as the title implies, Jamie Lee Curtis’ final Halloween movie. She’s been playing Laurie Strode on and off since 1978, but this is it. She’s 100 percent finished running away from Michael Myers, that ghost sheet-wearing goofball. The Everything Everywhere All at Once actress even signed a contract to make it official.

Curtis appeared on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she was asked about Halloween Ends. “I care. I care too much,” she said. “I’m a weepfest. I’ve been weeping for about a month now, trying to figure out how to say goodbye to all this.” Host Jimmy Kimmel also made her sign a contract that confirms her goodbye is for real.

It reads, “I declare this is my last Halloween movie. I, Jamie Lee Curtis, Queen of scream, daughter of Janet Lee and Tony Curtis, mother of Lindsay Lohan. Hereby sweareth, under penalty of perjury, that Halloween Ends (2022) will be the last Halloween movie I will ever appear in. For all time, across all sequels and multiverses, enforceable by the Police Department of Haddonfield, Illinois. May god have mercy on us all.” The document, which Curtis signed, ends with a “Baba Booey,” so it’s legit.

You can watch the Kimmel clip above. Halloween Ends opens on October 14.