Jason Bourne Could Keep Fighting Bad Guys With Improvised Weapons Well Into His Eighties

Between so-so critical reviews and massive bouts of nausea for Chinese moviegoers watching its 3D print, Jason Bourne still manager to pull together an impressive opening weekend and total box office gross. Hence why series producer Frank Marshall admits he’s already discussed a potential sixth film (and more) in the franchise with star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass in a recent interview. These talks are still in their infancy, as Jason Bourne is only just about to see a home release on DVD and Blu-ray on December 6th, but that doesn’t mean audiences won’t get to see an aged Bourne battling bad guys well into his eighties.

While discussing the Blu-ray release with Yahoo! Movies, Marshall dished out as many details as he could while discussing the action film franchise’s likely future:

Obviously [Damon and Greengrass are] very pleased with how the movie turned out. It’s really about the story, just like on this one, everyone said “if you come to us with a good story, we’ll think about it.”

So right now, we’re taking a pause and then we’re going to dive back in and try to find a story. We did leave it wide open at the end of the movie to continue on in Bourne’s world so we’ll see what we can come up with.

When pressed about Damon’s age (he’s 46) and whether or not the Bourne character would work with an older actor, Marshall pushed back. He admitted Damon’s “not always going to be the Jason Bourne that he was 15 years ago,” but added that “there are a lot of other things he could be doing in that world, so I think that’s what’s going to be exciting for us to try and explore.” In other words, Bourne 6 and any other possible story-driven sequels down the line could conceivably keep Damon employed for decades to come.

Unfortunately for the smaller cadre of fans who enjoyed Jeremy Renner’s outing in The Bourne Legacy, Marshall noted they’re “not talking about” any potential sequels. Which is totally fine, to be honest, because the thought of an elderly Jason Bourne kicking ass and taking names with improvised weapons — even when he’s as old as Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino — more than makes up for it.

(Via Yahoo! Movies)